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DAVE OSTER - Director of Operations/Drone Pilot


Dave is a hard-working young man from New Jersey. He first gained a love for video production in High School where he made extremely mediocre movies. Then as he became a communications student at Fitchburg State University his skills in cinematography and editing began to develop. Through an internship, he gained employment at the local TV station, Fitchburg Access Television where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder.


During all this, Dave always had a fascination with aviation. From wanting to be a commercial airline pilot at a young age to taking a model airplane building class, he seemed to have a real passion for the skies. In his spare time, he trained to become an FAA Licensed unmanned aircraft pilot, took the test and passed with FLYING colors. He now is our in-house drone pilot and through that increases the production value and adds a tremendous wow factor to most all of the videos we create.


TIM DAOUST - Producer/Director

As the elder of the TDO Team, Tim Daoust has worked in the television and film industry for nearly 20 years. After graduating early from Fitchburg State University with a concentration in Film/Television, Tim moved to Los Angeles and worked for TV Guide, E! Entertainment, and honed his craft in script writing and story development before moving back to Massachusetts to work for PBS in Springfield MA.


As an educator Tim's focus is shaping the minds of students with technical knowledge about the Television and Film Industry. Tim prides himself on being a "Rosetta Stone" to students and clients alike, translating complex video production concepts in a way that almost anyone can understand. Highly skilled at almost every facet of production, Tim brings experience to the team...And ice cream, definitely ice cream!


NICOLE GAFFNEY - Director/Cinematographer


Nicole loves stories. she grew up reading books of adventures and watching movies of aliens invading earth. Telling stories became her passion when she started making ski videos in the backyard with her brother. From that point on there was a camera in her hand whether she be hiking, biking, kayaking, or skiing.


Nicole specializes in documentary filmmaking and has a knack for building comradery and trust during her interviews; she sees a story in everyone and brings that out in her work. Outside of video production Nicole dabbles in photography and writing and if she’s not outside running or looking for the next mountain, she’s sitting at her desk watching movies and trying to figure out what to write next.


MATT CARROLL - Sports Producer

Matt is TDO’s sports guy, he has experience filming almost any sport you can think of and can talk about baseball for hours if you let him. He first became interested in video production in high school after taking a production class with his football teammates in Douglas, MA. Matt started exploring his options in sports and television broadcast by founding the Falcon Sports Network while attending Fitchburg State University.


While earning his degree Matt worked summer jobs as the videographer for the Cape Cod Baseball League and was the technical director for the Y-D Red Sox. The eye for sports and camera stuck with him and he now travels throughout New England shooting sports as well as producing the weekly Sports Report at Fitchburg Access Television which includes recaps and documentaries on local teams. If Matt’s not at a sporting event, you can find him drinking a beer on a Newport Beach.



A quick and clever creative, Jarrod is knowledgeable in both the technologic and artistic sides to video production. Jarrod started working on a video production career by volunteering for the local television corporation in the small town of Shirley in middle school and continued to work with Fitchburg Access Television.


While working in public access and studying in school, Jarrod took a deep dive into the world of video post-production and came out the otherside with both knowhow and experience; at the same time supporting a deep interest in other creative fields like writing, design, and storytelling as well as less conventional skills such as game design, physics, and coming up with excuses to stay in and watch movies all day.

Jarrod combines this experience in post-production, being able to manage systems, file formats, software, and other technical subjects as well as make video edits and graphics with a flare of creativity and a style that plays with expectations.


NICK MALONE - Marketing Director


Nick is our marketing guy! What he lacks in film experience he makes up for in his creative personality and expertise in social media. Nick has several passions in life: running, being outdoors, and beer! Sometimes he even combines all three!


A few Fun-Facts about Nick are: after an early bus turned into a missed bus he once slept in an Austrian train station overnight (in January...they turn off the heat to deter homeless people (i.e Nick that night) from sleeping in the station). He's been to more countries than US States. And lastly, he's only ever drank one cup of coffee, which probably gave him super powers because he basically saw ALL of Rome in about 37 seconds.