Templeton | Phillipston | Baldwinville Tourism Video Project

We at TDO have been working with many cities and towns in the North Central Massachusetts area over the past few years. It's where we do most of our business and where many of our employees call home. Last year, we partnered with the North Central Mass. Chamber of Commerce to create a video to help promote the area for its tourism. That video was a huge success that brought many eyes and dollars to the area. Unfortunately, it was targeting such a large area, that many well deserving smaller regions within North Central Mass., didn't get the recognition that we thought they deserved. That is why we have decided to take on this project, to bring light to the Templeton, Phillipston, and Baldwinville area. We live here and know how great it is and we want to share what you have to offer with the rest of the commonwealth and beyond.

Plans and Timeline

The plan is to film at as many locations as we can to best represent what the area has to offer. Locations include:

►Well known businesses

►Local attractions

►Parks and recreation facilities

►Any unique or interesting location that would draw visitors in

Our goal is to attract visitors for the upcoming fall season so the timeline looks like this:

►August/ September: Reach out to the community for input as to what locations should be included 

►September/ Early October: Film locations as foliage begins to turn

►Early to Mid October: Run the project through the editing process

►Complete the video by Mid October and publish to multiple media and social media outlets

We really believe that this project is a great benefit to the community and we hope it helps alleviate some of the loses that have been felt by communities all over the state and the country.

As an added bonus, because this project is going to be seen by both consumers and businesses from all over the state and beyond, there is the opportunity to get your business to stand out within the video! Below you will find multiple sponsorship opportunities that can fit into any budget, to further help your business benefit from this project.

I WANT TO BE CLEAR! This project is not being run in order to sell sponsorships. We will be creating this video and using it to promote the area regardless of any additional contributions. The sponsorships are simply a way to help advertise your business in a video that will be distributed all across New England.

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