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Worcester State Athletics

Broadcast Proposal


This proposal is for the broadcast of sports games for Worcester State Athletics.

TDO Video Productions wants to establish a partnership with the Lancers to broadcast sports games onto online streaming services such as Facebook Live or Youtube Live at a professional level.

Having high quality live streams available is a powerful tool to bring attention to Worcester State sports teams for the use of recruiting future athletes, students interested in studying communications, as well as giving the general student population a taste of what it's like to attend Worcester State University.

Project details


  • A multi camera production using industry standard equipment and technical skills

  • A team of individuals with over 15+ years of combined experience in sports broadcast at all levels from DIII athletics to top DI football.

  • Our strong passion for filming sports at a professional standard.


The real question is why hire an outside company instead of just doing it yourself?

Our goal is to bring our A-game just as much as the players on field/court/rink and we have the skills and resources to accomplish that and make it look amazing. Also, we are not interested in taking over, we would ideally want WSU students to help in the production. Many WSU students travel to Holy Cross or other surrounding schools to get the same skills and knowledge when they could be getting the same professional experience right on their own campus.


The TDO team is made up of members who work for Fitchburg Access Television and have been putting on high quality sports broadcasts for Fitchburg State University for years. This includes teaching student volunteers the ins and outs of sport broadcast at every game. It is something we thoroughly enjoy...enough to want to branch out to Worcester State University.

Check out some of the work we have done below.


TDO Video Productions is dedicated to producing content at a professional level using our years of experience, high quality equipment, and passion for sports at every level.

Nearly every member of our team played a sport at an NCAA Division III university while simultaneously receiving in education in video production. Over time those two passions have merged together to build a team of individuals who understand the importance of athletics and education.

Working with us will raise the quality of the Worcester States Athletic Media as well as bring in an amazing opportunity for WSU students to learn and discover passions for sports broadcast.


The cost of this collaboration really depends on exactly what Worcester State Athletics needs. A meeting (with no obligations to commit) in person would determine this.

TDO Video Productions always puts the needs of our clients first so we prefer to have a conversation about what we can do together and then work towards a price together that is fair for everyone.

If this proposal is something you're interested in moving forward with, great! We can set up a meeting with Nicole, Dave, and Matt who are the top TDO team members and discuss any questions or how to move forward on this.

Thank you for taking the time to look over this proposal, and I hope WSU and TDO will be working together soon!